Doctors appeal to visit hospital even in case of general symptoms

NL Today

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Kathmandu: Doctors have requested people to visit hospital for a checkup soon after the health problems such as common cold, cough, fever and body ache appear. As the second wave of Covid is spreading at an alarming rate, people are requested for checkups if any of the symptoms appear, according to Dr Santa Kumar Das, TU Teaching Hospital.

On the virtual discussion conducted by ‘Bagmati Safai Maha Aviyan’ and ‘Hami Tapaiko Sathama’ campaign, Dr Das appealed to the public to stay alert as the results are positive even in case of only symptoms such as common cold and fever. He said, “Without ignoring the general health problems, we have to be sure after the health checkup.”

Furthermore, he added if patients reach the hospital late, that complicates the treatment process and requested the people to follow the health and safety protocols. “Patients should not take medicine on their own without consulting the doctors,” he suggested.