Cyclone Yass’ impact felt on Everest, climbers forced to descend

Photo: Unsplash

Ashim Neupane

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Kathmandu:  The adverse weather condition created by tropical cyclone Yass has forced mountaineers en route to Mount Everest’s summit to descend.

“The effect of Yass is heavily felt in the Everest region. The weather has continuously deteriorated for the past three days. There is no possibility of scaling the mountain as the weather is deteriorating further,” Khillal Gautam, a government official, told Nepal Live Today from the Base Camp.

Due to the heavy snowfall on the Everest region, rescue helicopters have failed to reach the Base Camp.

“A few climbers have sustained injuries, but choppers have failed to reach because of the inclement weather,” said Gautam.

Currently, there are no climbers above Camp II. “Some climbers descended to Camp II from 8,000 meters,” Gautam added.

According to Gautam, there are almost 600 people on Everestnat present, including 500 at Camp II and 100 at the Base Camp.

The Meteorological Forecasting Division had urged the mountaineers to use precaution and stay safe for a few days beginning Tuesday owing to the possibility of gusty winds, snowfall, and rain in the high mountainous region.”Nevertheless, many climbers ignored the warning and are making a last push to the summit, hoping for the weather to improve,” added Gautam.