King’s College’s building turned into quarantine center for nurses

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Kathmandu: Volunteer students, faculty, and staff of King’s College, King’s Club of King’s College in collaboration with Nepal Medical Association (NMA), Nursing Association of Nepal (NAN), Karuna Foundation, and Adara Group have come together to start quarantine center for nurses at Babarmahal, Kathmandu.

A new building of King’s College at Babarmahal is running as a “Quarantine Center for Nursing Professionals” from May 24.

“Given current circumstances, it is necessary for everyone to step up at their levels and support the pandemic relief activities. We are immensely proud to have this opportunity to serve nursing professionals who play such a critical role in saving lives of patients”, said Narottam Aryal, President of the King’s College.

The medical and nursing associations are coordinating the operations of the quarantine center, whereas King’s Club and King’s College are taking care of onsite logistics, funding, and administration in partnership with Karuna Foundation Nepal and Adara Group.

Initially, the quarantine center will house 25 nurses and will increase its capacity to accommodate 100 nurses as the demand surges. The center is committed to providing comfort, hygiene, healthy food, and security to the dedicated, selfless, and needy nurses who have been working tirelessly for the lives of Covid patients. The center has the provision of beds, bedding, and essentials, a three-course balanced diet every day, a regular visit from doctors to monitor and provide for any other important services related to the physical and mental well-being of those in quarantine.

All the resources at the quarantine center will be provided free of cost. Nurses willing to come and live in the quarantine will have to contact the Nursing Association of Nepal, which is the authoritative body in screening.