Govt, Tharu Kalyankari Sabha sign six-point deal; govt to take initiative to withdraw case against Resham Chaudhary

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Kathmandu: The government and Tharu Kalyankari Sabha entered a six-point pact. Minister for Law, Justice, and Parliamentary Affairs Leelanath Shrestha and chief of talks team of Tharuhat-Tharuwan Joint Struggle Committee, Rukmini Chaudhary signed the pact amidst a program at Singhadurbar today.

The pact stated that the government would take initiative as per the Constitution and laws for the withdrawal of cases and release of Resham Lal Chaudhary and others accused in the Tikapur carnage.

An agreement was made to take initiative for the withdrawal of cases against prime accused of Tikapur violence Chaudhary along with Dhaniram Chaudhary and Laxman Chaudhary and their release from imprisonment.

Among other points of the pact include providing relief to the families of martyrs of Tharuhat-Tharuwan struggle who were left in the process of receiving relief, managing martyrs’ families, providing treatment to the injured and taking forward the process of compensation after probing and assessing the loss of lives and properties in different areas in course of the struggles and book those who meted out misbehave to women and helpless.

Also included in the pact are an arrangement of reservation for Tharus in each level of the state organs as per the apex court and constitutional provisions, defining and provisioning Tharu community as per the constitution, arrangement of teaching and learning in the mother language of Tharu up to the primary level education in Tharu majority areas as per the constitution and implementation of past agreements signed with Kamlari struggle committee.

The agreement also stated that the issues raised by various political parties and communities through an amendment to the constitution should be addressed on the basis of consensus among the political parties taking into consideration the rationale basis.