Slam: I know you are tangled wreck of conflicting things

Pratibha Baral

  • Read Time 3 min.

On the off chance that you might be thinking of me, don’t
This isn’t some youngster’s platitude sonnet about her adolescence and experiencing love
Since that would be a particularly awful truth. What’s more, I am a girl with a feeling of guilt, not a fraud
I’m here to caution you about the thing you’re finding yourself mixed up with me

I chuckle out of sympathy, and humor, or shame, yet never to by and by show disdain toward
I get desirous when I see that somebody can have it all in their fate such that I can’t
Be that as it may, it’s all since I am imperfectly perfect
ME, The imperfectly perfect, just wanna give all that I have away on the grounds that I realize it will fulfill somebody

I go through stages again and again, in any case, you are not aware of that point, get back to my brilliant self once more
Furthermore, you presumably should realize that I’m a believer, like truly a passionate believer
I may even have you tricked about the manner in which I’m feeling, but since I am not a fraud, I am compelled to mirage my heart and soul
I neglected to specify that I will let something slide multiple times; however, from that point forward, I don’t allow second times

I’m likewise an inconceivably all-or-nothing individual. In any event, to say the least yet when I’m keen on someone
I rather lose everything great I have before I even consider
Be that as it may, recollect there are different sides to every piece. So in case you go possessive for me, don’t!
Since I will vanish for some time, as I said, I am imperfectly perfect.

I’ll continue loving until its spilling over and until I am vacant
To see you loved is everything I might want to see in this world. Until I understand it’s left me depleted
At the point when I’m depleted. I’ll get baffled and afterward, in some cases, sick, crawl under a rock
I’ll either climb up or get on my load and will skate until I get my distance, harmony, and alone time

But don’t stress since I will love you once more
The fact of the matter is I am a tangled wreck of contactable things, yet I’m not saying these to terrify you
I’m saying this to caution you and secure you, to appropriately cherish you
I need you to know not to stress over anything because I promise you I will be safe in heaven, always right there for you

I want it all of you or not even a single thought of you, but damn I miss you
In the event that I fall head over heels, I am all in for you.
On the off chance that you some way around or another experience passionate feelings for me, don’t!

I will not be restricted to adoring you, I might even end up falling again for you
We accept the love we think we deserve even though its not the best of choices for us knowingly
Yet, I’ll be overwhelmed with passion for your grin, your laughs, and yeah, that smile and the look in your eyes when I know you’re envious
But, I will egotistically fulfill another person even though I am empty

I’ll fall head over heels for your both dim and brilliant sides
I’ll fall head over heels for how you imagine you’re not enthusiastic, notwithstanding the reality, your sentiments are making a decent attempt to get away from me
You are going to say it out loud because I am a good reader and I don’t want to believe this
Damn, your eyes and that unique way you hide yourself. Nonetheless, I know you’re a tangled wreck of conflicting things…

{Pratibha Baral is a fourth year student at the Kathmandu School of Law}