Filmmakers, film policymakers urged to ensure ‘fair representation’ in Nepali cinema

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Kathmandu: Filmmakers and film policymakers have been urged to “ensure fair representation of every caste, class, and gender identity” in Nepali cinema.

During the final day of ‘LET’s SHE-NEMA’, a four-day symposium co-organized by Plan Nepal and Gauthali Entertainment, Shrijana Luitel and Mandira Shrestha read out a ‘promise paper’ to be submitted to Film Development Board Nepal.

“You are the elders, the ones we look up to, our guides to the world, but do you ever even think of us? Because you’re breaking our hearts and dreams of an equal future when your art reinforces the very stigma we fight hard to end every day,” they said.

The final day of symposium also featured two panel discussions—‘Fostering Inclusivity’, and ‘Eyes of the Horizon’.

‘Fostering Inclusivity’ featured a roundtable-style discussion with veteran Nepali film directors and a producer. The second roundtable, discussion ‘Eyes on the Horizon’ featured prominent film actors, and choreographers who are now directors, and producers themselves.

The second and third day of ‘LET’S SHE-NEMA’ had video essay screenings, and a game show respectively.

The event was the first of its kind where young girls, filmmakers, and the general audience participated in interactive sessions exploring the representation of young girls and women in Nepal’s cinema, organizers said in a statement.