Monsoon expected to enter Nepal in few days, heavy rainfall forecast


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Kathmandu: Monsoon is expected to enter Nepal in a few days. The monsoon has already developed in the Bay of Bengal and it is heading towards Nepal, the Department of Hydrology and Meteorology said.

Senior meteorologist Barun Poudel said the occurrence of rainfall has started to increase and heavy rain is likely to occur at many places from next week.

“We are presently monitoring the monsoon. The entry of monsoon will be announced in a day or two,” Poudel said, adding, “(the frequency of) rainfall has gradually started to increase, heavy rain might take place at various places next week triggering flood and landslides.”

According to him, the monsoon has not spread out well as there is still the influence of the Westerly wind.

Meteorologist Ganga Nagarkoti said there is the combined influence of the westerly, the easterly, and local winds in the country at present.

It is raining in some parts of Bagmati, Gandaki, and Lumbini provinces and in Province no 1 due to this. Rainfall occurred in various places of Kathmandu Valley as well.

The weather will be generally to completely cloudy throughout the country tonight with chances of light to moderate rain accompanied by thunder and lightning at many places.

On Friday, it will be generally to completely cloudy throughout the country with the likelihood of moderate rainfall along with thunder and lightning at many places.

Normally monsoon enters Nepal on June 10 and exits by September 23 over the last 10 years. However, the meteorologists say this year it will enter on June 13 and exit on October 2.

The data collected from 214 rainfall measurement stations (85 human-operated and 129 automatic) in the last 24 hours shows that 108 stations recorded rainfall. Dadeldhura station has recorded the highest rainfall of 112 millimeters, according to the Department.