Gandaki Province Chief calls for forming new govt with 24 hours

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Kathmandu: Gandaki Province Chief Sita Poudel on Friday called for forming a new government within 24 hours.

Province Chief Poudel made the call for the new government as per Article 168(5) of the Constitution after Chief Minister Prithvi Subba Gurung lost a vote of confidence yesterday. The deadline to stake a claim for the new government has been set till tomorrow afternoon.

As per the article, if any member presents a ground on which he or she can obtain a vote of confidence, the Province Chief shall appoint such member as the Chief Minister. The opposition alliance is preparing to claim a majority by supporting Nepali Congress Parliamentary Party leader Krishna Chandra Nepali Pokharel.

Gandaki Province Chief Minister Gurung had lost a vote of confidence in the province assembly on Thursday. Gurung had faced the province assembly as he was appointed the Chief Minister according to Article 168 (3) of the Constitution as Parliamentary Party leader of the largest political party in Gandaki Province Assembly.