Meteorologists forecast heavy rainfall for three more days


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Kathmandu: Heavy rainfall is predicted in most parts of the country for three days more, the Hydrology and Meteorological Forecasting Division said. It has indicated the risk of flood and landslide at some places due to the heavy rainfall.

Meteorologist at the Division, Manju Basi said rainfall is taking place throughout the country at present as the monsoon wind is active. There is a possibility of occurrence of heavy rainfall in most parts of the country until Saturday due to the influence of this wind. There will be a break in this trend after Saturday.

The Division has warned of the possibility of floods and landslides.

According to the Division, light to moderate rain is taking place in most of the places of Gandaki and Lumbini provinces and at a few places in the rest of the provinces. Heavy rainfall is forecast in Karnali and Bagmati provinces and very heavy rainfall is likely at some places of Lumbini and Gandaki provinces throughout the day and at night today.

The Division has warned of the possibility of floods and landslides in these areas.

“There are chances of occurrence of heavy rainfall at some areas and very heavy rainfall at few places of Karnali, Gandaki, Lumbini and Bagmati provinces. So, there is a risk of landslide and mudslide in the hilly region of these provinces. The water level in the rivers and rivulets might rise and the transport services might get affected due to this. Adoption of necessary alertness is advised,” the Division stated in its latest weather bulletin.

As per the Division’s regular bulletin, this trend of rainfall will continue throughout the country till Thursday and Friday as well. Pokhara has received the highest rainfall in the last 24 hours. It received 110.5 milliliters rainfall, followed by Bhairahawa with 82.2 milliliters rainfall. Kathmandu received only 12.4 milliliters rainfall in the last 24 hours.