Mushoor becomes first team from Nepal to reach Hult Prize Castle Phase

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Kathmandu: Mushoor, a team of four engineering students of IOE Pulchowk Campus, has been the first team from Nepal to reach the Castle Accelerator Phase of the prestigious Hult Prize to be held in London in August.

Hult Prize, dubbed as the ‘Nobel Prize for Students’ by most of the media worldwide, is the most prestigious startup prize in the world. It is offered in partnership with the United Nations and is supported by former US President Bill Clinton.

The winner of this competition is awarded USD one million in seed capital funding for a university team of students who ideate and implement the best solutions for the most pressing problems of today.

The theme of the year 2020-21 is “Food for Good”.

Mushoor is on a mission to enable accessible and affordable nutrition for people of Nepal who do not meet recommended dietary requirements.

Their unique technology will help people grow nutritious foods like mushrooms and microgreens in homes with limited space. In cases of a surplus, Mushoor will facilitate selling it, enabling people in poor communities to make a decent income.