Nepal’s paddy plantation festival in photos

Nimesh Jang Rai

  • Read Time 2 min.

Kathmandu: The National Paddy Day and paddy plantation festival are being observed today across the nation. Paddy Day is observed on Asar 15 as per the lunar calendar every year to mark the paddy cultivation season.

Rice plantation, eating delicacies like curd and beaten rice, and participation in traditional cultural programs like singing, throwing mud at each other and merriment, are the major attractions of the day. But like last year, this year too there were no such big events on this occasion as the festival was celebrated symbolically owing to Covid-19. Though farmers and private sectors celebrated the festival sporadically on their own, the celebrations from the government level were limited to formalities.

Paddy is the major crop not only in Nepal but also in entire South Asia. It is the main staple crop of Nepal.

Here are some photos of the festival captured in Kathmandu.