Nepali peacekeepers in Congo repair bridge, applauded for the effort

Nepali peacekeepers in Congo repairing a bridge in Congo. (Photo: Nepal Army)


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Kathmandu: Nepali peacekeepers have repaired a deteriorating bridge over the Budana-based Shari River in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The 24 Field Battalion (Engineers) of the Nepali peacekeeping troops deployed in Congo had maintained the bridge and brought it into operations.

According to the Nepal Army Directorate of Public Relations and Information, the bridge maintenance has eased the local people and security troops in their mobility for daily works. After the maintenance, UN Secretary-General’s Special Representative and Mission’s deputy chief Khassim Diagne handed over the bridge to the local government.

On the occasion, he lauded the contributions of Nepal Army peacekeepers in building peace in the country as part of the mission.

It was also shared that the local people had felt a sigh of relief as it has been easier to mobilize security force and make mobility following the repair of the bridge. The armed outfits had been taking advantage of the deteriorated condition of the bridge in embattling the local people there.

With this, the local people had also expressed their positive feeling towards the role of the Nepali peacekeepers in Congo.