Alerts issued as Melamchi River swells due to incessant rainfall

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Kathmandu: The Melamchi rivulet has witnessed a rise in its water level following incessant rainfall, creating fear among local residents.

The rainfall that has continued since Wednesday afternoon has put the settlements from Helambu to Melamchi at risk. Nepal Police has cautioned the general public to adopt high alerts measures with the rise in the water current.

The local people residing in the downstream areas have been made alert to shift to the secured places with the potential rise in the floods. According to the Weather Forecasting Division, the downstream areas of the rivulet are more vulnerable to floods. Dasharath Danuwar of Melamchi-11 informed that the rain has started eroding the fertile land along with houses and other structures along the rivulet banks.

“The water level is increasing in the rivulet. Those spared in the previous disasters are likely to be taken away. Life here is in precarious condition”, he added.