NC youth leader Shahi announces unveiling political proposal for party’s transformation

NL Today

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Kathmandu: Nepali Congress youth leader Bhupendra Jung Shahi has announced tabling a proposal at the upcoming General Convention for the transformation of the party.

Leader Shahi said he has planned to unveil a political proposal as no ideological debate has been held although the number of those claiming leadership is increasing day by day with the General Convention approaching near.

“I am about to bring a political proposal for ideological debate within the party. At a time when plenty of discussions are being held on the future leadership, there are no discussions on the policy,” said Shahi.

He said that democracy and the constitution will be protected only if Nepali Congress is ideologically strong. Shahi is of the opinion that the General Convention is a suitable place for ideological discussions.

Shahi claimed that he would bring some new proposals to end factionalism within the party.