Digital revolution has given rise to a new breed of Nepali entrepreneurs: Anil Keshary Shah

NL Today

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Kathmandu: Chief Executive Officer of Nabil Bank Anil Keshary Shah has remarked that the digital revolution has given rise to a new breed of Nepali entrepreneurs.

In an interview with Nepal Live Today, Shah added that the digital transformation was possible due to a positive policy adopted by Nepal Rastra Bank (NRB), the banking sector regulator. “This transformation is here to stay. Those who ride the wave are going ahead and those refusing will be left behind,” said Shah. “A new breed of entrepreneurs has come up with the digital revolution. And that’s the future of Nepal.”

Shah said that the pandemic aware people of the importance of entrepreneurship. “The silver lining of the pandemic is a lot of people who would have come to me with a resume are now coming up with a loan application as they are starting their own businesses. That is the future of Nepal,” he said.

In the interview, Shah talked about the digital revolution, entrepreneurship and also shared his vision for Nepal.

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