Sajjan Raj Vaidya’s new song, Parkhaai, is an anthem for doomed lovers

Prasun Sangroula

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Kathmandu: Are you waiting or searching for someone who promised to stay with you forever? If yes, then the new music video for ‘Parkhaai’ by singer/songwriter Sajjan Raj Vaidya is just for you.

Directed by Nurbu Lama, the music video features Vaidya himself and a mannequin, filmed together in diverse settings such as a lift, a train, and on the open space out at the sea.

It’s clear from the song’s lyrics and the video that the protagonist is caught up in a fix, perhaps after his beloved has left him. He is looking after someone who he had promised to live with but wherever he roams—whether it be the train station, streets, and seashore—he only finds the mannequins. The representation of mannequins is symbolic of those people who neither speak and nor listen to anyone.

The song might be particularly striking to those whose promises with their beloved ones were either broken or unfulfilled.

Until the end of the video, our protagonist does not find the person he is looking for, and then he moves forward to the sea; it seems like he is also trying to disappear like the person he was looking for.

The lyrics for Parkhaai are simple but potent enough to transport one back to the tragic memories of love and relationship. 

Parkhana herana / malai timi farkera / Ma ta yetai basirahechu ni hai / Kura ta garekai ho / ek arka lai kasam khwaera / Yai baschu bhani / juni vari lai,” Vaidya croons in his hushed tenor. [Wait, see / please look back at me / I am still here / we made promises together / that we’ll stay here / forever].

The song might be particularly striking to those whose promises with their beloved ones were either broken or unfulfilled.

“He is awaiting a soul whom he can trust, make promises with and be a reason to live a beautiful life. I think this is the concept of the video and I love it,” Pragati Dhungel writes on Youtube comments.

Perhaps it is this universally relatable concept of the music video that has garnered it an early success. Within just four days of its release, it has hit the trending list and garnered more than four hundred thousand views on Youtube.

Similarly, some other comments read—“This song brings back an entire ocean of melancholic memories”; “Every person who fell in love can understand this song deeply and closely relate with their life”. And so on.

The song’s nostalgic feel is accentuated by melodious notes of flute and some elements of EDM.

Parkhaai sounds very easy on the ears like Vaidya’s previous songs like Hataridai Batasidai, Chitthi Bhitra, and Ultaa Paailaa, among others. All these songs have won thousands of hearts and uplifted as many. Parkhaai is no exception.

Watch the music video: