Samriddhi Rai’s new music video, Thaha Chha, evokes the finer feelings of college life

The song is complemented by a refreshingly lively music video but the music itself leaves a lot to be desired.

Prasun Sangroula

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Kathmandu: Singer-songwriter Samriddhi Rai released her new song, Thaha Chha!, a duet featuring singer Vek, via Youtube on Thursday. Her new song veers slightly away from her repertoire thus far, which has touched upon such themes as social justice (Ma chahi Nepali) and politics of the female body (Ma dami chhu).

The new duet—which has so far been viewed over 290,000 times within just four days of its release—is a lighthearted song about two friends in college wherein one of them attempts to take their friendship to a “new height”, while the other is not too keen about the idea.

The music video features the usual activities that take place in college such as hanging out with friends, dancing, and playing basketball.

One of the protagonists in the music video, played by singer Vek, is a dandy boy seeking attention. His focus is our other protagonist, played by Rai herself. The two seem to be close friends.

The lyrics, effectively simple, serve the purpose of evoking the incipient romance brewing in the young adult boy’s heard: “Dubdai tyo nayanma/ parechu maya ma timilai thaha cha?/ nishcal tyo maan ley/ choryo yo maan timiai thaha cha/ sathi bhanda bhandai, kei mathi pugechu aaja/ aaba timrai wori pari/ ghumau ma ghari gari jhai lagcha/ k timilai thaha cha” [Drowning in your eyes/ I fell in love, do you know?/ that pure heart/ stole my heart, do you know/ you were my friend, but now you have reached higher than that/ now I feel like moving around you/ do you know?]

Unfortunately for him, however, the cheerful, sporty girl wants to be just friends, nothing more, nothing less. She fears that their friendship might break if their bond is taken to a higher dimension: “Maya ta tutla feri/ sathi sadai ko lagee timilai thaha cha?/ hanso ko pal haru/ bholi rodan hola timilai tha cha?/ Jodi hamro ramrai dekhla/ sansar ley estai guff hancha/ k timilai tha cha?/ sathi nai thik chau hami/ ramailo jindagani yehi lagcha/ k timilai tha cha? [Love can break/ but friendship lasts forever, do you know?/ the joyous moment/ can turn tragic tomorrow, do you know?/ our courtship may look good/ the world would flatter like this/ do you know?/ we are good as friends / this looks like a happy life/ do you know?]

That Rai has released the song despite all the stress brought about by the pandemic is a feat in itself. Despite its flaws, Thaha Chha is very much worth a listen.

Actor Swastima Khadka appears in a cameo and brings a twist to the tale. Later, when Vek does not see a positive signal from Samriddhi, he accosts Khadka’s character.

The music video is refreshingly alive and includes well-choreographed dance sequences, few basketball skills; all the actors do justice to their roles.

But while the music video is enjoyable, the song hardly lives up to the promise of Rai’s previous tracks. It’s melody is neither catchy nor indelible. The cool vibe that the video offers might captivate you again and again but the audio, taken apart, has less strength to do so.

Rai’s previous songs, such as Prayas, Herana, Asha, Ma dami chhu, and Ma chahi Nepali, were all effortlessly mellifluous, driven by a pleasing sense of rhythmic vitality. It’s no coincidence that those songs have settled into the listeners’ tongues.

That Rai has released the song despite all the stress brought about by the pandemic is a feat in itself. Despite its flaws, Thaha Chha is very much worth a listen, complemented by a lively, well-shot video. It might just even lift up your mood.

Watch the music video: