Sprite launches new promotional campaign

NL Today

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Kathmandu: Sprite has launched its summer campaign titled “Clear Raha”. The campaign aims to inspire youths to reset and refresh during key moments of the day with a Sprite.

The campaign attempts to appeal to “Gen Z” who are a group more open and transparent about everything, sometimes even challenging roles, traditions and conventions that are not fully understood by those outside of their generation, the company said in a statement.

Adarsh Avasthi, Country Director, Coca-Cola in Nepal shared, “We understand that individuality and self-expression are important characteristics that appeal to the Nepali youth and Sprite as an iconic youth brand encompasses these qualities along with its refreshing taste. Through this campaign, we aim to inspire the youth to refresh, reset and focus on what is truly important to them.”

The campaign also features a new TVC starring Sprite’s brand ambassador Anmol KC where he is seen returning home after a long and hot summer day looking forward to relax and have a chill-out time.

However, he is greeted by his father nagging him about his whereabouts and that he is wasting his time. Irritated, he grabs a chilled bottle of Sprite from, gulps it down and instantly refreshment hits him and the heavy load of opinion from his father drops, making him reset his priorities and refreshed. He then carries on to have a chill-out time gaming with his chilled bottle of Sprite.

The “Clear Raha” campaign is part of Sprite’s global campaign “Let’s be Clear” which has been localized for the youths of Nepal.

Pradip Pandey, Managing Director of Bottlers Nepal Ltd. Shared, Pradip Pandey, Managing Director of Bottlers Nepal Ltd. Shared, “Sprite is the ultimate refreshing drink for hectic days and we are offering consumers to reset and refresh their mindset with Sprite. We hope our consumers will relate to the campaign and be inspired to stay true and transparent to their