Sagoon engages Exemplar Companies as strategic partner to raise capital

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Kathmandu: Sagoon has engaged Exemplar Consulting, LLC as a strategic partner for their next phase of growth. Exemplar will serve as an exclusive partner for capital injection for Sagoon, it said in a statement.

Initial guidance will focus on raising capital, structuring the business and revenue model, and enabling the continued injection of required capital. The Exemplar team will be led from their Boston and New York offices.

“We are beyond excited to work with Sagoon’s founders and hardworking team to support their vision and help them continue to grow,” said Katherine Brand, Managing Director, Exemplar Consulting, “as a company that serves disrupters, innovators, and impact businesses, Exemplar understands the unique needs of Sagoon” added Brand.

Over 7.7 million users across 64 countries have accessed the platform since its release. Sagoon users share their stories from text, photos, and videos, and earn smart coins to shop on the platform.

“Our mission is to bring family and friends closer through our social path: Connect. Share. Earn,” said Govinda Giri, founder of Sagoon, “we believe Exemplar adds tremendous value and helps us achieve our mission, not only in capital injection but also in overall company growth; Including company operations, corporate structuring, management training, business strategy, and more” added Giri.