Come for the coffee, stay for the ambiance

At Coffee in Boudha, frothy, organic coffee goes well with a breath of fresh air and soft indie music to boot.

Anushka Nepal

  • Read Time 3 min.

Kathmandu: Coffee, which was previously located in Thamel, has been open for nearly four months now at its new location in Boudha, and it has already become a hub for coffee lovers across town. Its main draw is the organic coffee and an aesthetically-pleasing environment.

It can be an ideal place for anyone wanting to have a cup of coffee while working, or simply just enjoy nature. It has a fairly wide outdoor space but also a comfortable indoor accommodation for those who find indoor seating more preferable. mainly attracts people who want to work somewhere outside of their work space. It also comes alive with groups of friends who want to enjoy some good time with each other, sipping frothy, organic coffee while breathing in the fresh air.

It should be noted that the music played at is a plus. They usually go with soft indie numbers, perfectly compatible with the serene atmosphere it harbors.

Wherever one might be seated, they definitely bond with anyone around, because the entire environment gives a friendly vibe. Many people bond over their love for organic coffee, or their preference for indie music.

Looking around, one can find a lot of verdant greenery—tall trees and potted plants. The seating area mainly consists of wooden benches, bamboo tools and a swing chair, with floor completely covered with pea gravel. Sometimes, to make things even more interesting, a neighboring momma Husky and her puppy enter the place. Everyone bonds with each other while gushing over how adorable the dogs are, and sometimes end up talking about their own pets for hours.

Regarding the menu, the place does not just serve coffee but also other drinks like seasonal smoothies, fruit juices, popsicles, along with some lemon cakes and juju dhau cakes on the side. Though the cakes cannot be considered to be the best feature of this place, they nonetheless go quite well with its ambiance and the beautiful fragrance of organic coffee. 

Not many people leave this place disappointed.

Not everyone might be a big fan of their organic coffee, since many of us are used to having refined coffee. But after visiting the place, many people come out as converts, if not as addicts. Brace yourself.

It may be helpful to contrast it with its sister coffee joint in Jhamsikhel, which does not have a proper accommodation for smokers. The smoking zone is a whole two flights down in the parking lot there. Boudha, however, has a liberal atmosphere for smokers and a peaceful accommodation to boot. It will prove ideal for those who like to enjoy their coffee and cigarette at the same time.

When it comes to the price, this place has an average range. While comparing the price of a coffee with other coffee joints in Boudha, it definitely ranks as average. Not many people leave this place disappointed.