NTA approves trial for 5G service

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NL Today

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Kathmandu: The Nepal Telecommunications Authority (NTA) has endorsed the working procedure to use new technology including the trial of 5G, the fifth-generation mobile network.

A meeting of the NTA Board held a few days ago endorsed the working procedure for the test of new technology-2078 BS. The NTA’s move has paved the way for using the 5G wireless internet service.

Chair of the country’s telecommunications regulatory body, Purushottam Khanal confirmed that the working procedure for the trial of 5G had been readied.

Now, service providers can apply for its trial. The application requires the details about the test modality, information about new technology, trial site, and frequency description required for the test, use, proposed services, and its process, schedule of the network installation and the operation, and the action plan.

The NTA will provide free frequency for a maximum of one year for trial use. During the test period, the NTA will not charge the service recipients. The service-providing companies are required to include both rural and urban areas for the trial service. Besides, they are mandated to manage hardware and software for the trial service and inform about the same to NTA.

It has been mentioned in the work procedure that the Authority could scrap the operation license if no progress is seen in the work regarding the import of necessary equipment and its installation even within three months of approval.

The service provider could re-use the equipment used during the trial period for 4G with the permission of Authority. It should be sealed or returned to the concerned seller in presence of the Authority and the regulatory body should be informed if the equipment are not used.

Before this, the Nepal Telecom has already presented its work procedure at the Authority for 5G trial. Nepal Telecom has not been able to test the 5G as the frequency required for 5G has not been determined yet. The Authority had determined the frequency for 5G in Nepal in February.

With the approval of frequency, identified by the National Frequency Management Forum, by the Frequency Board, the way for the expansion of 5G service was opened. Though a proposal for the approval of frequency for 5G service, determined by the Authority, was presented at the Radio Frequency Policy Determination Committee, the Committee has not yet approved it.