Shraddha Prasai: “Things have to be right, not perfect”

NL Today

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Kathmandu: Shraddha Prasai, a native of Jhapa, is an emerging singer. She is currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in social work and journalism. Her hobbies include cooking, reading, traveling, and exploring. Needless to say, she loves music and gets lost in its rhythms like a stone gets lost in a sea.

Prasai has done several cover songs—her cover version for Jhalakman Gandarva’s song ‘Timro Nai Maya has garnered over nine million views on Youtube. A couple of months back, she released a music video for her first original song, ‘Timi Merai Hau’.

Prasai is coming up with more originals very soon. Recently, she talked with Nepal Live Today about her preference between cover songs and originals, and changes she wants to create in the music industry of Nepal, among other things.

What do you prefer more, cover songs or originals?

I would prefer originals more because they are fresh creations, and involve a lot of hard work, dedication, and originality. But having said that, for emerging singers, cover songs would help to discover the genres they are more comfortable singing and also find out the tastes of the audiences.

What are the things you want to change about the music industry of Nepal?

The industry has deteriorated from the grassroots level; it has been totally money-centric. Even those who have little knowledge of music are getting excessive fame because of the large amount of money they spend for the promotion of their work. This has posed a problem for the real and talented artists, and their music. 

Moreover, the motive behind making a song has also changed. Earlier it used to be for the audience but now it is to hit trending lists and go viral on social media. I wish to change all these wrong concepts.

Similarly, I also wish to make changes in the training system. The one who goes for music class comes home learning the popular or trending song instead of real music. This is not done.  Seriously! 

I want to change this practice and introduce the proper way of the traditional gurukul system that can enhance music education and in turn, the overall music scene.

If you could become PM for one day, what would you do?

Since the PM is the highest authoritative figure in the country, there will be various responsibilities. I would work in numerous sectors of development but one major change I would bring would be in the field of music.

In Nepal, musicians and singers aren’t treated equally like other jobholders. I would like to raise awareness regarding this matter and build opportunities and platforms for the musicians.

One thing you realized during the pandemic?

That only one life matters to the people. That is, their own. Until and unless they got the virus themselves, they didn’t pay attention and kept on being neglectful. So it is clear that there was only one life they cared for, no matter what they did!

Is there such a thing as perfect?

Nothing is perfect. Things have to be right, not perfect.