Nepal imported sanitizers worth over Rs 700 million and face masks worth over Rs 800 million last year

Photo: Pixabay

NL Today

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Kathmandu: Sanitizers and face masks are considered as the major preventive medical goods against the coronavirus. In the last year and a half, they have become a basic necessity to a large number of people. Their demand is increasing all around the world and Nepal is not an exception.

According to Nepal Trade Information Portal (NTIP), Nepal imported sanitizer worth over Rs 700 million (Rs 704,212,614) last fiscal year. The largest amount of sanitizer was imported from India, worth over Rs 400 million (Rs 428,837,852), while China and Vietnam stand in second and third as the major exporters, respectively. Altogether, Nepal imported sanitizers from 13 countries. The least amount of sanitizer is imported from the U.S. worth Rs 265.

Likewise, Nepal also imported face masks in a large number last year. As per the data of NTIP, Nepal imported face masks worth over Rs 800 million (Rs 807,019,511) last year. China exported the most number of face masks to Nepal, worth over 70 million (Rs 714,354,457). India and Singapore come in the second and third position, respectively. 

The data shows Nepal imported facemasks from a total of 43 countries. It imported the least amount of facemasks from Portugal worth Rs 258.