Suryabinayak completes construction of a 50-bed hospital

NL Today

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Bhaktapur: Suryabinayak Municipality has completed the construction of a 50-bed hospital for treating its denizens and others. The municipality built the health facility in preparation to fight against the imminent third wave of coronavirus.

The local government has constructed the hospital building with an oxygen plant to provide coronavirus treatment services. The hospital structure was set up in the 30-ropani public land at Suryabinayak-8, Jagati Chowk.

Earlier, Bhaktapur Brick and Tiles Factory had been using the land.

Municipality mayor Basudev Thapa informed the hospital construction was over and medical appliances are being installed in the hospital.

“The hospital constructed at the municipality’s investment of Rs 50 million will provide its service soon. We are making all-out efforts to bring the hospital into operation after installing all necessary medical appliances,” he shared.

Preparations are in full swing to inaugurate the hospital service on coming September 17, he added.