Prakriti Thapa: “Life is a beautiful art”

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Kathmandu: Prakriti Thapa is Miss Supranational 2021. Thapa aims to become an architect some day. She also loves poetry for it helps “spread positivity” among the people.

“One should be kind and dedicated,” she says. “And try to discover one’s true self.”

Thapa recently talked with Nepal Live Today about her inspiration behind participating in beauty pageants and what life means to her, among other things. 

What inspired you to participate in a beauty pageant?

I am an extrovert. While I constantly express myself, I also wanted to explore my inner self, and that inspired me to participate in a beauty pageant. Beauty pageant provided me an opportunity to get to know different personalities and their respective perspectives, something that allows one to explore more about oneself. Though being a girl with a closed group of people, I had always wanted to experience new things and learn more and more from everyone I meet. I have a desire to explore my inner self and learn more.

There’s still many parents who don’t support their children to participate in beauty pageants. What do you want to say to them?

I could easily see some parents aren’t allowing their children to be part of a beauty pageant, even in this era where we people talk about freedom and equality. Being a Miss Teen Supranational, I think it’s my duty to put my opinion on this issue.

The very first thing is parents should be broad-minded. What I could see is people having narrow-minded thinking are still in a large number in our society. Parents should understand the motivations of their children and should inspire their children to pursue their dream.

What makes a person beautiful?

For me, beauty is having a pure soul. It’s not all about your posture or countenance; in fact, beauty is having inner peace and carrying the confidence which you hold in your eye, no matter what.

What is life for you?

Life is a beautiful art and it’s our work and karma that makes it happen. We should be calm and composed to deal with circumstances. Figuring out our own uniqueness and learning the way of happy-living is something we all need and aspire to.