Lumbini Province Chief Sherchan calls on parties to stake a claim for new govt

NL Today

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Kathmandu: Lumbini Province Chief Amik Sherchan on Wednesday called on political parties to stake a claim to lead a new government.

Province Chief Sherchan called for the formation of a new government after Chief Minster Shankar Pokharel tendered his resignation before Province Assembly begins discussion on a no-confidence motion filed against him.

The Province Chief made the call as per Article 168(2) of the Constitution that states that if no party has a clear majority, the Province Chief shall appoint as the Chief Minister a member of the Province Assembly who can command majority with the support of two or more parties.

Province Chief Sherchan has set a deadline till 3 pm to stake a claim for a Chief Minister.

Meanwhile, the Supreme Court (SC) has forwarded a writ petition filed demanding to halt a special session of Lumbini Province Assembly to a Constitutional Bench.