‘Tattooed Trucks of Nepal- Horn Please’: A story of Nepal’s road travel 57 years back

Madhukar Adhikari

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Washington D.C.: A documentary titled ‘Tattooed Trucks of Nepal – Horn Please’, is releasing after few weeks.

The documentary, filmed and produced by American documentary-maker Ron Ryanson, features the story of a truck driver’s journey on Nepal’s rough roads. It tells the story of a truck, an important means of transport and road travel 57 years back in Nepal.

The documentary has likewise illustrated and compared what is called in Nepal as ‘truck literature’ and the decorative art used on trucks with the country’s culture. It has also incorporated the colorful lifestyle, experience and behavior of the truck drivers who have to often negotiate narrow bends and rough routes in course of their journey.

By ‘truck literature’ is meant the verses or lines written on the truck that speak of love and life. 

This documentary making draws on the director Ryanson’s own experience of traveling on the back of a truck from Kathmandu to Narayangadh of Chitwan 57 years ago. He was 23 years old at that time and the film has knit together the varied stories of road travel in Nepal as well as the multi-dimensional cultural aspects of Nepal. It also gives a glimpse into the social and economic milieu of that time.

Through this film, Ryanson has realistically portrayed the daily life of the truck drivers and their helpers and the situation back then.

The American’s connection with Nepal and his growing love for Nepal are equally fascinating. Ryanson, who teaches art and drama in the U.S. first time, came to Nepal as a Peace Corps volunteer in 1964.

He has expressed his profound happiness in making this documentary. He describes it as an important achievement of his life that reconnects him with Nepal.

According to him, the documentary to be released in few weeks would be screened in various film festivals. He said efforts would also be made so that it can be shown during air travel in collaboration with airlines. RSS