Stella Lamichane: “Spending life without friends is possible. Living it to the fullest is not”

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Kathmandu: Stella Lamichane, a 16-years old native of Butwal is Miss Nepal Teen International 2021. Her hobbies are traveling and chasing adventures. She has done a few video and photo projects.  

“We all are here on earth for a reason,” she says. “Everyone has a specific purpose to fulfill.” 

Nepal Live Today recently caught up with Lamichane for a brief chit-chat. 

In what ways do beauty contests help women?

I can speak for myself, how it helped me. The personal advantage I received from pageant participation was a greater awareness of self in social situations. In my opinion, beauty pageants are such platforms where a woman can show her talent and prove herself. Personally, the pageant helped me become someone whom I always yearned to be. Women who take part in pageants have utilized the platform to empower other women and also as a way to advance their careers. We live in an age where the ability to articulate one’s thoughts into written and spoken words is given a lot of importance; pageantry helps to develop the excellence within you. Through interviews and interaction with many people, your speaking skills will blossom in this arena. Recognition, personal development, communication skills, confidence, and handling the stress, pressure, and disappointments in life are the benefits you’ll take with you from doing pageants.

If you could become PM for one day, what would you do?

A day is a short period for developing a nation but obviously, I would try to bring changes. Firstly, I would work out to bring down the price of most essential commodities as we have both rich and poor people here so that would help those poor laborers who work all day long to feed their families. Secondly, I would try to update the security of the nation; as a prime minister, providing peace and security would be my key role. And lastly, poor and homeless children without education would be my very first priority. I don’t want the monetary problem to come between children and their future.

One thing you realized in the pandemic?

Among a lot of things, this pandemic taught me to take care of myself and devote more time to myself and my family. It taught me to love, to listen, to care, to respect, and to help. When I say ‘to help’, I mean help someone by having a conversation with them. The situation taught me to love not only a person but also little things in life, those little things inside our family that we almost forgot while we were rushing through our busy life.

Can life be meaningful without friends?

Yes, it’s possible to be happy in our own company. As we can see some people prioritize being alone or being comfortable only with acquaintances or a partner but talking personally, it would be hard for me to survive if I had no friends.

When I was younger, my friends were on my higher priority list but now as I grow up, the responsibilities have also increased due to which I am not able to put them in the same place. However, I try my best to stay connected with my friends.  

For me, spending life without friends is possible but living it to the fullest is not. Friends are an integral part of everyone’s life and if you find the correct people, then it’s certain that you are always surrounded by people who care for you and always want the best for you.