Bajaj’s new showroom in Dharan

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Kathmandu: Hansraj Hulas Chand & Co. Pvt. Ltd, sole authorized distributors of Bajaj motorbikes, has opened a fully equipped new showroom “Arbin and Brother’s Auto” in Dharan.

Bajaj, Nepal’s bestselling and most trusted automobile brand, has launched a new showroom in Dharan with the vision of providing completely facilitated Bajaj sales, services, and spare parts across the nation. To support this vision dealership has been granted to Mr. Arbin Tamang of Arbin and Brother’s Auto in Dharan.

Bajaj is always devoted to providing consumers with the best value for their purchase, the company said in a statement.

The new showroom will make it easier for consumers to get replacement parts and accessories for their motorcycles. This, in turn, assists HH Bajaj to strengthen their sales. Bajaj ensures to give qualitative and quick services to the customers all across the country.

Inaugurating a new showroom in Dharan Abhimanyu Golchha, Director of Golchha Group said, “We are pleased to announce the opening of our new showroom in Dharan. Our customer base is rapidly expanding, and it is now our job to service them correctly and satisfactorily. With our new showroom in Dharan, we are hoping to make our customers’ lives one step easier and give an opportunity to experience Bajaj motorcycles.”

On the occasion of the new showroom opening, Arbin and Brother’s Auto will provide attractive gifts to customers who purchase bikes.