JB Tuhure, who sang songs that inspired mass movements, struggles for his life

JB Tuhure’s family expects the government and parties to address his contribution for the betterment of this nation.

Prasun Sangroula

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Kathmandu: On August 17, the revolutionary singer JB Tuhure was rushed to the hospital after he suffered a stroke. His treatment is currently going on at the Vayodha Hospital in Balkhu, Kathmandu.

The person who made a lot of contributions for the freedom of a country through his songs is now in critical condition at the hospital but the government and communist parties seem to be indifferent. The government that decided to fund the treatment of former Prime Minister Jhalnath Khanal, is silent in the case of Tuhure.

Tuhure, a 76-year-old native of Dharan, was a member of parliament at the second Constitutional Assembly, representing CPN (Maoist). Among his 100 songs, ‘Aama Didi Bahini Ho’ is the most popular one and is considered as one of the most popular revolutionary songs in Nepal.

The song, released in the 70s, inspired many females to participate in revolutionary movements such as the People’s Movement I and II.

The snippet of the song goes: “Afnai Paurakh Kahanchan / aafnai seep ma bachchhan / Dukha kasta sahera / Sristi enley thamchan / Asal mahan byakti haru / Enaley Janmauchan / Gyan gun buddhi haru / Enailey sikauchan / tara pani adhero ma / Jiwan bitauchan / Aama didi bahini ho / kati baschau dasi bhae / Sukha ko sadai pyasi banera”. [They survive on their labor/ Live with their own skills/ Enduring all the hardship and misery/ They sustains the creation/ Great and wise people/ They give birth to them/ Knowledge and intellect/ They teach them/ But still, they spend their lives in darkness/ Mothers and sisters/ Till when will you live like slaves/ In thirst of happiness.]

His other revolutionary songs such as ‘Basai Hidney Ko Tatiley’ and ‘Aadhi Kholailey’ are also very popular among communist leaders and the general public.

The family of Tuhure has been conducting the treatment on their own. Till date, no one has contributed to his treatment.

Speaking to Nepal Live Today, Tuhure’s daughter, Nirvika, said, “We haven’t received any kind of support for the treatment of our father neither from the government nor from the party.

“On Thursday, the Chairperson of CPN (Maoist Center) Pushpa Kamal Dahal came to see my father and pledged to provide necessary help for the treatment.”

Nirvika is hopeful that he will fulfill his promise as soon as possible.

“For many years of his life, he struggled for the peace and freedom of the country through his songs,” she added. “I hope the concerned authority will address all his contributions and help for the betterment of my father.”

Lately, Tuhure seems to be despondent with his communist companions who were together during the revolutionary movements. In one of the interviews, Tuhure has said, “Now our comrades are in the powerful position, but after achieving the powerful positions they have changed. They have forgotten everyone who contributed for the betterment of this nation.”