Bachau, a mobile app aimed to provide emergency assistance to persons with hearing impairments, launched

NL Today

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Bachau, a mobile app intended to provide emergency assistance to people living with hearing impairments, was launched on Friday. 

Through the app, a person with hearing impairments can call or SMS the police, fire brigade, or ambulance for assistance.

The app, developed by Autallya Foundation, received support from USAID’s Tayar Nepal – Improved Disaster Risk Management Project.

“This rescue app has been made public as an effort to aid the disability community in Nepal, where there’s an absence of disability-friendly governmental and non-governmental bodies,” said Pallav Pant, chairperson of Atullya Foundation, speaking at the launch event in Kathmandu.

“The use of technology in disaster management would be fruitful not only for persons with disabilities but for everyone. We expect that the app will ease persons with disabilities to avoid and mitigate the risk of disasters,” he added.

Currently, the app is available in beta version and will be refined and brought into full operation very soon, according to Pant.