Sabin Niraula: “Happiness is not out there. It’s in you”

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Kathmandu: Sabin Niraula, 16, is the winner of Mr Nepal SEE 2021. Niraula has been passionate about modeling and fashion since a very young age, which led him to partake in pageants and win. He is also the winner of Little Kids Dance Competition 2073 and also other different local pageants.

Niraula loves to draw, dance, write and read autobiographies during leisure time. He believes the only way to achieve the impossible is “to believe it is possible”.

Recently, Niraula talked with Nepal Live Today about how he can contribute to society as the winner of the beauty pageant, and what happiness means to him, among other things.

As a winner of a beauty pageant, how could you contribute to society?

Being the winner of a beauty pageant doesn’t only mean holding the crown on the head and trophy on hand, but it comes with greater responsibility. The responsibility to make an impact on society through your voice. Now as a winner of a beauty pageant, I could contribute a lot to society. The first and foremost thing is that I now have an audience with whom I can keep my words.

I would like to use this platform to help the younger generation and make a good impact on society through the knowledge and experiences I have gained. I hope with the power and voice that I have now, I could also be someone everyone would look up to and give back to society.

Do not beauty pageants discourage those who do not meet the criteria to participate?

Everything has its criteria and restrictions. So do beauty pageants. Beauty pageants search for young, intellectual and aspiring minds. But there happen to be some criteria that one has to meet. In case someone doesn’t meet the criteria to participate, they become unhappy about it and may feel discouraged. Because if we take the example of the national pageants like Miss Nepal, then it also has to meet some criteria. The young ladies are disqualified just because of their height that may make them discouraged at some point. And in my point of view, it discourages the people.

However, currently, various beauty pageants accept everyone regardless of meeting the criteria that are set usually by the pageants. They can try on those platforms and fulfill their wish to present themselves in beauty pageants. 

How has your life changed after winning the pageant?

After winning the title of Mr. Nepal SEE, my life has not changed like a celebrity and star but in many ways, I could find change in myself. The main thing is that now I will be called with my title and this is an honor itself. I could see a lot of changes in myself in terms of communication, expression and interaction with people, etc. I can now present myself in a better way.

How do you define happiness?

Happiness to me is enjoying every little moment in life. I define happiness as the feeling that you are enjoying doing something you love. If you like to draw, that is happiness. If you enjoy cooking, that is happiness. Happiness is the satisfaction you get. So it is said that happiness is not out there. It’s in you.