NLT blog: Say no to nepotism and favoritism

Reeva Khanal

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I strongly believe in hard work and dedication. The factors that affect our hard work and dedication are the negativity surrounding us. Other elements are nepotism and favoritism.   

I came to know about nepotism and favoritism during my school days when I saw some teachers giving extra marks and opportunities to only those students who were their favorites. Instead of supporting the deserving one, they supported their personal favorites. Actually, I was not the only one to notice it. My other schoolmates did, too. Likewise, my friends studying in other schools also observed it in their school.

The practice of nepotism and favoritism not only snatches opportunities from the deserving ones but also undermines their dedication and confidence. Usually, the general public with a weak background suffers from such practices.

Why do the general public have to suffer from such an unfair practice despite being highly talented and full of potential? When will this practice end? These questions hit me hard.

The best service which our country’s people need right now is equality. Just because someone does not belong to a rich, reputed and powerful family they shouldn’t be deprived of the opportunities they deserve. 

In almost every sector, ranging from politics to education to entertainment, nepotism and favoritism is rampant. To some extent, it’s good to promote your people but it should not affect the people who are more deserving.

We live in a democracy and here we all have equal freedom to exercise our rights. Having said that, I request everyone to also fulfill their responsibilities because rights and responsibilities go hand in hand.

Some people might not agree with me when I say “nepotism and favoritism kill the real talent” but I stand by this opinion, and there are so many examples to support my opinion. 

For instance, in Nepal we don’t see youth leadership in politics. It’s not that they are not interested in it and do not want to contribute to the development of the nation. But politics is filled with those people who have come in power for ages and they won’t let anyone rise. After all, for them, power and money are above everything else. They fear being led by others because it can expose all the wrongdoings that they committed when they were in power. So except those who are close to them, they don’t want any other to replace them.

To build better nation favoritism and nepotism should end and with that, everyone should be treated equally. 

Thousands of deserving people have been deprived of opportunities and they hesitate to compete. One of the main reasons behind it is the prevalence of nepotism and favoritism. If only half of those who suffered because of nepotism and favoritism come together to fight against it then it will leave an impact all over the country. 

I agree that I haven’t taken any step against it till now, but I firmly believe that for my first step towards a bigger change I need to alert my fellow citizens about this matter. And here through this writing, I am trying to do it. 

Khanal is a grade 11 student at Prasadi Academy, Lalitpur