Susjita Paudel: “I will try my best to leave this world better than how I found it”

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Kathmandu: Susjita Paudel, a 17-year-old native of Bhaktapur, is Miss Nepal Teen Earth 2021. She aspires to become an entrepreneur and also the Prime Minister of Nepal. Paudel loves dancing in her pastime.

“I am a kindhearted person who always looks forward to helping everyone and have the feelings of growing together,” says Paudel. 

She says she is inspired by an A.P.J. Abdul saying that reads, “If you want to shine like a sun, burn like a sun first.”

Recently, Paudel talked to Nepal Live Today about implementing the knowledge she acquired by participating in a beauty pageant for the betterment of society and the meaning of true friends, among other things.

Many people say that beauty pageants promote unrealistic beauty standards like someone should be slim and of particular height to be beautiful. What is your take on this?

For me, beauty pageants are a wonderful platform where we can present ourselves, and express what we believe in. Talking about slimness and particular height, this practice is getting corrected nowadays, as we can see there are no height criteria in Miss World. Miss Nepal does have height requirements because other titles like Miss Earth do have those criteria. And talking about unrealistic beauty standards, I think it’s all about how comfortable you feel with yourself. Being a Miss Nepal Teen Earth I have learned a lot about social conservation, awareness, global warming, how the things we consume daily affect our earth and other things. So now on I will think twice before using goods that have the potential to harm our nature. I will be educating my family, society, country, and the whole world in the coming future. Thus, the training, the title, the vision after taking part in the pageant makes you more responsible. In my opinion beauty pageant is not just about beauty, it’s more than that.

What benefits did you acquire by participating in beauty pageants and how will you implement these benefits for the betterment of society?

I believe in the power of hard work and dedication. I always wanted to get out of my comfort zone and be a better version of myself. As I also aspire to be Miss World someday, I wanted to participate in Miss Teen first. At the beginning of the session, I saw almost every contestant was experienced and I was the one who lacked it. The only thing I had was my confidence and my dream. So, I started to believe in myself and kept working hard till the end. I always believe in one statement: “you should keep going, at least to see what you’ll learn.” So I have learned to never give up on myself.

Talking about making some changes in society, I believe that we should start with ourselves. So I would like to be a better version of myself. And be the inspiration to everyone where they can also start believing in themselves and follow their dreams. That’s how we all can grow together and make a good impact on society.

What is a true friend to you?

I am more of a spiritual kind of person. So I believe in the power of universal energy. I consider God’s spirit to be a very good friend of mine. A true friend is someone with whom we share our every problem. I feel good every time a true friend solves each other’s problems. They give me enough strength to solve problems by myself. For me, my mother is my true friend. Her blessings have been my great support and motivation to become a dedicated person in everything I am associated with.

If you were a billionaire what would you do to help build a better world?

I would like to make reasonable investments. Having lots of money now doesn’t mean you’ll have them forever. And then I would like to invest money in educational institutions as it is the way we can give the earth a good future. I would like to help people be more kind, peaceful, respectful, and helpful because people nowadays are greatly self-obsessed, violent, greedy, and selfish. If I were a billionaire then I would like to complete every dream of mine. I will try my best to leave this world better than I found it.