Math rock band Tape drops its debut EP

NL Today

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Kathmandu: Up-and-coming math rock band Tape released its debut EP “Stars Are My Friends” on Wednesday via Noodles, Nepal’s first digital music marketplace. The 26 minutes long EP includes five songs—Window, G-Slide, Stars Are My Friends, Motion and High.

“The songs in the album include articulate drum strokes, a sweet guitar melody and a mellow bassline that will traverse you through different sections and changes,” states the album’s blurb, “each one as beautiful and intriguing with subtle changes in the time signature.”

Tape was formed in mid-2020 amid the height of the pandemic. The members of the band were introduced to each other through social media. The band members of Tape include Swopnil Karanjeet on the bass, Sagun Man Tamrakar on lead guitar, and Niman Chitrakar on the drums. 

With the release of the debut EP the band is also planning to do a musical tour across the country, according to the band.