Anupam Nyaupane: “Nepalis are brainwashed with beauty stereotypes from a very early age”

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Kathmandu: Anupam Nyaupane of Kirtipur Kathmandu is the titleholder of Mr SEE 2021. Nyaupane says he is very passionate about dancing and sports, and wants to become an actor some day.

“I am interested in radiating positive energy and creating an aura around myself,” he says. “I am a very fun-loving and outgoing person who believes in self-esteem, optimism and a growth mindset.”

In this interview, Nyaupane talks about what freedom means to him, changes he acquired after participating in beauty pageants and acting, among other things.

What changes have you found in yourself after participating in a beauty contest?

I view the world as if it’s a vast sky, the people around me the stars, and myself the moon, which stands in isolation, in perfect beauty and importance, shining bright. True, numerous doors have opened for me as a result of my participation in the beauty pageant, and I now have more chances to explore in my life. But what has truly changed is that I have begun to compete with myself, to conquer myself, to turn every flaw into a strength, to be unflappable, and to stand as a role model for those who aspire to achieve their goals in the same manner that I have. Now, after this beauty contest, stands the very bold, resilient, accountable, happy, confident, self-motivated, and determined Anupam right here.

How would you describe ‘freedom’?

For me, freedom means having the liberty or power to express any thoughts or behaviors that come directly from my heart without fear of being stopped. Many people take freedom for granted; yet, true freedom is defined as the state of not being constrained by anyone’s particular beliefs or ideals; it is about gaining mental tranquility. To achieve freedom, we will have to earn it. Work, put an effort until we can ultimately say, “I am living, I am conquering in my own terms”, and also say that I created this life! To gain freedom, some sacrifices have to be made, and some extra hours of effort must be put in; one has to be persistent in one’s work towards growth and progress.

What is the one thing you want to change about the beauty pageant sector of Nepal?

Nepalis are brainwashed with beauty stereotypes from a very early age, with beauty contests being organized for everyone, including children. Before participating in beauty pageants, people should know that beauty pageants are not just about fame, money and beauty; they are about your confidence and personality. Beauty pageants have a long history in Nepal, but we are still struggling for proper administration and production. Beauty pageants should not just be about creating “beauty queens” and “kings”, but about recognizing a person who can speak for and empower the oppressed and the voiceless. What I truly want to change is that beauty pageants should not be confined to outer beauty only. And not be concentrated on urban areas only, but also reach out to individuals from all walks of life, all across the country. Beauty pageants should unleash one’s latent potential so one can inspire people all over the world.

You are also an aspiring actor. Do you think an actor can influence society?

Art, acting, and performance are expressions of our lives—our cultures, anxieties,  love,  talents,  flaws, and curiosities. Actors are storytellers who, by enacting other realities on stage or film, ease us, even if only momentarily. An actor can help us discover our true potential. An actor clearly explores society’s issues while also emphasizing that there is hope at the end of the tunnel. Actors are, at their essence, communicators. The actors’ work has the potential to be a catalyst for societal change. Connecting with people’s emotions is what art is all about. It’s both personal and global at the same time and makes society a better place to live in.