Govt, protesters from Nepalgunj reach agreement

A total of 14 protesters from Nepalgunj have been protesting at Maitighar for the last two weeks, demanding fair probe into the incidents of murder and disappearance of two women from Banke district.

NL Today

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Kathmandu: The government has reached an agreement with protesters from Nepalgunj, including activist Ruby Khan, who came to Kathmandu demanding justice on two cases—the alleged murder and disappearance of two women from Banke district.

The agitating group and the government have reached an agreement to form a committee, said Mohan Ansari, a human rights activist. “The details about the agreement will be disclosed through a press conference at Maitighar in a while.”

On October 6, 14 people including 11 women came to Kathmandu on foot all the way from Nepalgunj to demand fair investigation into the death of Nankunni Dhobi and the disappearance of Nirmala Kurmi.

However, police, on October 8 evening, arrested 13 protestors from Maitighar. Later, the Supreme Court ordered the police to present Ruby Khan, who was flown to Nepalgunj overnight, before the court.  

According to the protesters, Nankunni, 38, was found dead in a suspicious way at her home on July 20 in Janaki Rural Municipality in Banke.

Likewise, Nirmala, 52, has been missing since January, 2010. “Nirmala has gone missing after her two sons were ‘murdered’ within the span of a week,” protestors say.