Seti River flooded, people in vicinity panicked


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Doti: After the Seti River has been flooded with heavy rainfall, the motorable bridge over the river is at high risk.

The bridge connects district headquarters Silgadhi with Achham and Bajura districts. Transportation along the bridge stopped after Seti River raged with the rainfall continued here for three days.

The District Administration Office has urged all people concerned in the vicinity to stay aware. A local from Dipayal, Chandra Pathak informed that the flooded river had touched the bridge, panicking people. “As the flooded river swelled as high as the bridge, it would be collapsed any time,” he added.

Sub Inspector of Police Rup Singh Thapa informed that vehicular movement has been banned over the bridge since early this morning.

District Traffic Police Office, Dipayal said the dozens of vehicles moving to Achham and Bajura from Silgadhi were stranded at Kulpate, Dipayal.

Merisha Pariyar from Dipayal Pool Bazaar viewed, “The Seti River is flooded much. It has entered the shops and houses at bazaar. We could not sleep throughout the night.”

Currently, it is raining heavily in the district. Even the electricity supply got disrupted since Monday afternoon due to downpour.

The flood in the Seti River has panicked the people from Banidugrisain, Gopghat, Barpata, Sirkholisain, Kalagadh, Rampur, Dipayal, Gholpada, Bhagetada, Kailada and Naridang. Chief District Officer Shankar Bahadur Bista informed that people were made aware not to leave homes and stay aware in the night in the wake of river flood.

All chiefs of security agencies in the district have also been urged to stay on high alert. Police Inspector Rabindra Chand said the police persons were mobilized in the area for regular inspection and monitoring.