CJ Rana adamant on not resigning “until all controversial Justices put in papers”

NL Today

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Kathmandu: Chief Justice Cholendra Shumsher Rana on Tuesday said that he will be ready to resign if all the Justice dragged into controversy put in papers.

CJ Rana floated the proposal during a meeting of 15 Justices who went to meet Rana seeking his resignation. The Chief Justice was adamant that he will not resign alone.

“Other Justices too have courted controversy. Questions have been raised over your verdicts as well. I am ready to resign if all those courting controversies are ready,” said CJ Rana. “I was appointed to the post as per the constitutional process. I will not reign without any reasons.”

Nepal’s judiciary has been pushed to an unprecedented crisis with 13 Justices boycotting the bench expressing their dissatisfaction with Chief Justice Rana. The Chief Justice is under immense pressure to resign.

Judicial forums, media, social media users and various stakeholders have been demanding that CJ Rana should resign voluntarily and the House of Representatives should impeach CJ Rana if he denies.

The Chief Justice was dragged into controversy after Nepali Congress leader Gajendra Hamal became Minister for Industry allegedly from Rana’s quota. However, Hamal resigned after two days of his appointment.