Three French climbers missing in Khumbu avalanche (with photos of incident site)

The rescue operation is underway, but the climbers’ whereabouts is as yet unknown.

A climbing gear spotted in the avalanche-hit area. Photo: Kailash Helicopter

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Kathmandu: At least three French climbers have been missing on Kangtega Mountain, in the Khumbu region in Solukhumbu, an eastern district of Nepal, since Saturday.

Kangtega, known as the “snow saddle”, stands 6,782 meters above the sea level.

The climbers went missing in an avalanche in the Khumbu region, confirmed the Department of Tourism (DoT).

Taranath Adhikari, director general at the DoT, said that the expedition agency who handled the climbers’ trip, Himalayan Treks and Adventures, has started the rescue operation in coordination with the Nepal government.

The avalanche-hit area in the Khumbu region. Photo: Kailash Helicopter

“The authorities concerned and their expedition agency started the rescue operation since early morning today,” Adhikari told Nepal Live Today, adding the government is closely monitoring the rescue operation. “But their whereabouts is still unknown.”

The rescue mission is conducted by a team of Kalish Helicopter led by Senior Captain Claudio Mittner.

The avalanche-hit area on Kangtega Mountain. Photo: Kailash Helicopter

According to Kailash Helicopter, Mittner spotted their [climbers] tents and climbing materials near Minbo La Glacier. “The rescue team has spotted climbers tents and gears perished in the avalanche,” according to Kailash Helicopter.

A climbing gear spotted at the avalanche-hit area. Photo: Kailash Helicopter