CNI forms startup committee to promote startup businesses in Nepal

The committee led by young entrepreneur Ayushi KC aims to organize a startup conference in Nepal by March, 2022

The members of the Startup Committee formed by the CNI. Photo: CNI

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KATHMANDU: Aiming at promoting startups in Nepal, the Confederation of Nepalese Industries (CNI) has formed a Startup Campaign Committee led by a young entrepreneur Ayushi KC.

“The committee has been formed with an aim of promoting startup as a campaign in Nepal and establishing innovative businesses as an integral part of the economy,” a press statement issued by the CNI reads.

The committee has Rohit Gupta as the coordinating vice president, it says.

According to Vishnu Kumar Agarwal, president of CNI, the committee would work with the government for the implementation of policies in the startup sector.

Highlighting the evolving nature of businesses, President Agrawal further encouraged entrepreneurs to explore business possibilities in newer areas. “The committee can provide mentorship to young entrepreneurs,” said Agrawal.

Similarly, Vice President Rohit Gupta said that the committee would act as a medium for disseminating new innovations and ideas in the market.

The conveyer of the committee Ayushi KC reiterated the fact that only 25 percent of startups have shut as a direct result of the pandemic.

The committee aims to organize a startup conference in Nepal by March, 2022.

Chang Agrawal is the co-conveyer of the committee. Similarly, other members of the committee are Sagar Dev Bhatt, Amun Thapa, Rupesh Krishna Shrestha, Manish Shrestha, Prachi Agrawal, Tejing Gonsar, Manish Thapa, Lalita Golyan, Shikhar Pandit, Suman Rayamaji, and Imran Ali.