Oppo co-hosts 4th CSRtech Innovation Summit

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Kathmandu: Oppo, Orange, Deutsche Telekom, and Saint-Gobain, co-hosted the 4th CSRtech Innovation Summit in Shanghai.

Under the framework of the UN (United Nations) 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, the summit aimed to identify innovative solutions for environmental and social challenges in the fast-changing world.

Aligned with the brand mission “Technology for mankind, kindness for the world”, Oppo shared its understanding and experience in promoting sustainability in product design, manufacturing and operation, while calling on entrepreneurs to devise new ways to contribute to sustainable development through technological innovation, Oppo said in a statement.

This year’s CSRtech Innovation Summit focused on finding innovative solutions towards three goals: protecting our planet, driving sustainable business, and valuing human wellbeing. The platform allowed startups to engage with established industry players and investors, to whom they pitched their new products, services and technologies targeted at solving these goals, according to the statement.

During the summit, Oppo shared its own experience in green product design, which included designs capable of reducing carbon footprint and cutting down on plastic waste, as well as lighter packaging designed. OPPO also introduced its trade-in service as a way of supporting the circular economy and reducing waste, reads the statement.