Chief Justice Rana summons full court for today

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Kathmandu: Chief Justice Cholendra Shumsher Rana has summoned full court, a meeting of all the Justices of the Supreme Court, on Thursday.

Chief Registrar Lal Babu Kunwar said that the full court was called at 2 pm today. The meeting will be attended by 20 Justices including the Chief Justice.

Earlier on Wednesday, 14 agitating Justices of the apex court had agreed to convene a full court. A meeting of the Justices held yesterday had decided to convene a full court after agreeing to amend the rules of the Supreme Court Regulations. The full court has been called for the endorsement of the amendment.

Justices who have been boycotting the bench demanding the resignation of the Chief Justice along with judicial reform have been saying that they will return to the bench after the procedure for amending the rules is passed by the full court.

Meanwhile, CJ Rana has assigned nine benches for today.

The apex court started hearing all sorts of cases including habeas corpus on Tuesday. A total of four Justices started hearing cases on Tuesday. Justices Tej Bahadur KC, Kumar Regmi, Bam Kumar Shrestha and Manoj Sharma heard all types of cases including the habeas corpus. Earlier, the apex court was hearing cases related to habeas corpus only.

Hearing at the apex court had remained suspended since the afternoon of October 24 as Justices had refused to be its part over the allegations that the CJ sought his share in the expansion of the Council of the Ministers.

The CJ has said he is competent to perform his duties, roles and responsibilities given by the Constitution and the law, and has also urged judges to fulfill given responsibilities. On Monday, he, through a press statement, called on the agitating side for the dialogue and pledged to implement the reports, including that submitted by Justice Hari Krishna Karki, related to reforms in the Supreme Court.

The disruption in the hearing has caused inconveniences to service-seekers.