On the eve of its 10th National Congress, CPN-UML exudes confidence, gives airs

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Kathmandu: The CPN-UML leadership has said that the party will emerge as the largest force after its National Congress and it will lead the government after the upcoming general elections. 

The UML leadership made such a claim at the interaction with editors of news media held in Kathmandu on Tuesday.

Speaking on the occasion, KP Sharma Oli, the chairman of CPN-UML said that its National Congress will witness the participation of the largest number of people.

“There will be as many people as the long-route publication transports can ferry to Chitwan,” said Oli. There could be even more but the people cannot walk on foot to the National Congress venue, he added. 

While alluding to the split of Madhav Kumar Nepal faction from the UML, he said that only few nagging members had left and that the party as a whole and its voters still remain intact. 

“People are joining the UML in thousands every single day across the country,” he said. 

He claimed that after the 10th National Congress and the general elections,  UML will be back in the government. “The next government will be under the UML’s leadership,” Oli said.

According to Oli, through the National Congress, the UML is giving a message that the party is united and it is with the people.

Oli said that the UML does not recognize Madhav Nepal-led CPN(Unified Socialist) as a political party for it is a group of people expelled by UML.  

Informing the journalists about the preparation, the UML said that 72 artists will stage a performance on the national anthem to mark 72 years of founding of the communist party. “Thirty five hundred hotel beds have been booked for the participants and guests, the representatives will vote through an electronic voting system,” said Yogesh Bhattarai, the Secretary of UML. 

“As many as 100 police personnel will be mobilized to manage the traffic and 200 health professionals will be available for health services,” he added. “The participants will have to follow health protocols and use of masks and sanitizer will be compulsory.”

CPN-UML is holding its 10th National Congress in Chitwan from November 26-28 in the tourist town of Chitwan in Nepal’s central region.