Nabil Bank launches Nabil DigiBank portal

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Kathmandu: Nabil Bank has officially launched Nabil DigiBank portal that offers an array of new online services to its customers through a single window. Through this portal, the bank has automated its product/service requests so that customers can have a seamless banking experience, the bank said in a press statement.

During a launch event organized on Thursday, Anil Keshary Shah, Nabil Bank’s CEO started off by showcasing the Bank’s journey as the first computerized bank to now evolve into a truly digital bank, according to the statement.

The showcase comprised of several milestones that Nabil Bank has created over the last 37 years including the inception of a separate vertical called ‘Nabil DigiBank’, which was set up back in August 2020 to ensure the formulation of a comprehensive digital vision and strategy. Today, the bank has taken a step towards turning that vision into reality through Nabil DigiBank Portal.

Nabil DigiBank portal offers several online services namely online fixed deposit, debit/credit card request, debit card replacement, merchant onboarding, and retail/SME loan application.

The bank aims to continue adding several other online services in the coming days ahead. The portal can easily be accessed through the Bank’s official website and Nabil SmartBank app.

Similarly, Mr. Shah officially announced the launch of two new online services – Online Account Opening with Video Verification (VKYC) and Virtual iCard. With the launch of VKYC, customers will now have a choice to either visit the branch of their choice or complete KYC through video verification upon submitting an online account opening application.

If the applicant opts for VKYC then he/she will be asked to appear in front of a live camera to give their introduction or do a set of pre-determined introductory drills.

Likewise, Nabil Virtual iCard is a service request embedded within Nabil SmartBank app through which the Bank’s customers can easily apply for a virtual iCard by uploading their PAN and even top-up its balance. The customer’s request is processed online and the virtual card gets issued instantly within the mobile banking app along with the card details (card number, expiry date, CVV). The Virtual iCard can further be used to perform e-commerce transactions (except in INR).

Speaking at the event, Shah said “This is just the beginning of Nabil Bank’s digital journey. Moving forward, we will not only be adding the delivery of more and more of the Bank’s services to the Nabil DigiBank portal but we will also be adding access to a host of other services of partner institutions like bill payments, travel, food, shopping, etc. Today is the start of building a Digital Ecosystem for us all to surge together ahead.”