Money laundering probe begins against Chief Justice Rana’s relatives

Department of Money Laundering Investigation claims of legal hurdles to investigate the property of the Chief Justice.

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Kathmandu: The Department of Money Laundering Investigation has started an investigation into the property of relatives including family members of Chief Justice Cholendra Shumsher Rana.

The department has assigned Under Secretary Mohan Dhakal and Section Officer Krishna Mainali as investigation officers and started a probe, said Director General Prem Prasad Bhattarai.

“Investigation officers have been appointed to probe the complaint lodged with the department,” Bhattarai said. “They have been assigned to collect preliminary information.”

Bhattarai said that the investigation started soon after the complaint accusing them of amassing illegal wealth was received.

“Investigating officers have the authority to probe as per the complaint. They will be able to make inquiries and correspondence with the necessary bodies and individuals during the investigation,” Bhattarai added.

However, the department said there are legal hurdles to investigate the property of the Chief Justice. Director General Bhattarai said that prevailing laws are silent on whether the department can probe the property of Chief Justice.

As per the Judicial Council Act, Judicial Council can investigate corruption charges against district and high courts judges. The Judicial Council Act and Money Laundering Prevention Act have not mentioned anything in regards to an investigation against Supreme Court’s Justices and Chief Justice.

On behalf of the Broad Citizens’ Movement. Dr Govind KC had lodged a complaint with the department last Sunday and drew attention of the department to investigate the property in the name of Rana’s family and relatives.