Nepal, Israel decide to establish Joint Working Team to prepare bilateral agreement for sending Nepali workers in construction sector

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Kathmandu: Nepal and Israel have decided to establish a Joint Working Team to prepare a bilateral agreement for sending Nepali nationals to work in the construction sector in Israel.

The decision came after a constructive dialogue between Minister for Foreign Affairs Dr Narayan Khadka and Ambassador of Israel to Nepal Haman Goder-Goldberger, the Embassy of Israel in Kathmandu said in a press statement.

The two sides also expressed satisfaction over the completion of all the necessary processes with regard to the selection of auxiliary workers in the caregiving sector.

Meanwhile, 99 Nepali youth workers set out to Israel in the first phase as per the agreement related to temporary employment of Nepali workers in Israel. Ninety-nine Nepali workers, including 63 women and 36 men left for Israel on Wednesday evening.

They traveled to Israel for employment on a ‘first come, first serve’ basis as the Israeli government had already issued visas for the purpose. After this lot, additional youth workers will go to Israel via two flights on January 29 and 30.

It may be noted that the Nepal government and Israel government had signed a labor pact on 30 September 2020. As per the agreement, Nepali workers are entitled to receive a monthly salary of Rs 200,000 in Israel.