Laxmi Joshi: “Beauty lies in kindness and empathy”

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Kathmandu: Laxmi Joshi is the titleholder of the ‘Public Choice Award’ in Wai Wai Mrs Nepal World 2021 that took place recently.

Joshi, who is based in the US, says one of her goals is to improve the status of Nepalis in the USA—financially, socially and academically. She wants Nepali identity to be established in the USA, she says.

Joshi, who is also a teacher and social worker, recently talked with Nepal Live Today about inspiration behind participating in beauty contests, her plans, and what does beauty mean to her, among other things.

What motivated you to participate in the Mrs Nepal world?

First of all, my interest in this field and the fact that I am a learner. I knew that the training and exposure over there would give me more confidence and make me empowered as well. Similarly, I also knew the pageant would give me motivation to become involved in women empowerment.

Now the pageant is complete. What next?

People used to say that I have fire inside me; this pageant has turned that fire into a volcano. This pageant has given me a motive to work for women empowerment in Nepal. 

The theme of the pageant was ‘campaign against cancer’. How can you contribute to the theme?

Since I lost my father in law and brother in law to cancer, I know the pain the families and the patients go through emotionally and financially. This is the story of every household in Nepal. It should have been better. No families or patients should go through the financial pain on top of what they are always battling for.

So to make this situation better I want to work in raising the fund with public involvement. I have seen a lot of financial help that cancer patients get after they are diagnosed. I want to find a way to regulate that fund and create awareness on cancer so we could save more lives and cost. 

You stay in the USA. How can you make a difference to Nepali people, particularly women from there?

This is the era of social media and technology. I would take full advantage of it and contribute to the betterment of women and the cancer sector in Nepal. 

Do you have any specific plans for women empowerment?

Yes, I do. I have seen a huge gap between the condition of women in Nepal. Half of the women in Nepal are very powerful; they have full access and control of the power but the other half of women are voiceless and go through tremendous amounts of abuse. I want to unite all the strong women and find ways to help and make ways to reach to the underprivileged women and make them financially independent. 

What is special about Mrs Nepal?

Mrs Nepal is a very special platform. This pageant trained a group of women to help them realize what unique power they all possessed. I know all 24 women who participated in this pageant will greatly contribute to society. These groups of women will bring positive changes in their families and communities.

What is beauty in your opinion?

Beauty, to me, is the kindness of heart. If you don’t have a kind heart, there is no value in a beautiful face. Being empathetic is beauty to me.