Nepal’s population reaches 29.1 million, growth of 0.93 percent

As per the preliminary report, at least 2.1 million Nepalis are abroad

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Kathmandu: Nepal’s population has reached 29.1 million.

In a preliminary report of the National Census-2021 published by the Central Bureau of Statistics, Nepal saw a population growth of 0.93 percent in the last decade.

The Bureau,  under the National Planning Commission,  had conducted the first round of census from September 15 to October 4, 2021, while the second phase of census was held from November 11-25.

As per the report, the population of females in Nepal is14.9 million, while there are 14.2 million males.

Likewise, at least 2.1 million Nepalis are abroad, states the report.

According to Hemraj Regmi, deputy director of CBS, it will take six months for the government to publish the detailed report of the census.