“We can’t accept the delay of local elections”: Youth Congress Nepal

NL Today

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Kathmandu: Youth Congress Nepal (YCN), a youth organization established to promote liberal democracy, has urged the government not to compromise democratic values by delaying the local elections. 

Issuing a press statement on Wednesday, the youth political force has said that the election is the most crucial element of democracy and as such any delay in holding the elections will not be acceptable to them. 

What’s in the statement? 

YCN, through its statement, expresses the fear of a constitutional and legal crisis and hurdles in the implementation of people’s fundamental rights if the local elections, which should be held by May, are postponed by amending the existing laws. 

“Article 215 (6), 216 (6) and 225 of the constitution clearly state the tenure of the local level representatives will be of five years. It is a direct regression over the constitution and the democratic system to decide otherwise by interpreting that Article 3, Sub Article 1 of the Local Elections Act is the hurdle,” the statement reads. 

The statement also raises the alarm that delaying local elections would impact the executive and legislative rights and legal procedures currently being exercised by the local levels. If the local levels become devoid of representatives, says the statement, it would impact the use of executive rights as per Article 214, the leadership of Rural Municipality and Municipality heads as per Article 215 and 216, Legal Committee as per Article 217, the right to make laws as per Article 221, the formation of assembly of the Rural and Town assemblies as per Article 222 and 223, and the chairmanship of the Rural and Town assemblies as per Article 224. In case of lack of representatives, says the statement, it would further impact various functions such as collecting tax, distribution of salaries, mobilization of the local budget and management of the estimated budget of revenue and expenses. “We want to draw the attention of the government towards these grave impacts in case of the failure of the implementations of these provisions, ” says the statement. 

The Youth Congress Nepal has said that if the democratic values and principles are not followed according to the constitution and laws that would impact peace and democracy in the country.  They have asked the government to uphold the constitution and democracy by conducting local elections on time.